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Alison Conigliaro-Hubbard

Founder / Transformational Leadership Coach and Trainer

175 UPLAND RD, Kentfield, CA, 94904

About Alison Conigliaro-Hubbard

StrengthFinder: Achiever, Empathy, Developer, Significance, Restorative; Global traveller, dog-mom, writer/author, drummer, learner, connector, sports-fanatic, coach, holistic wellness enthusiast; cancer warrior; ALWAYS growing, multifaceted human!

Alison is a former tech sales & product executive who has helped global companies build multi-billion dollar run rates. Outside of work, she is a lifelong journey woman on the pursuit of human wellness, turned transformational leadership coach & trainer with a focus on seeing the amazingness of potential in every individual. She firmly believes in the value of holding every unique human up to their highest possibility, because too often we neglect or reject whole parts of us that hold the keys to true success in life – the kind we can feel!

She sees the world with the straight up honesty and spirit of a Brooklyn-native, combined with California wellness-cool, and, having lived and worked around the world, at a global scale.

Her style is classic, with a bit of edginess, and this is reflected in her approach to coaching: empathy with a ‘make things happen’ mindset.

In 2020, she looked death straight in the eye and said, “Not now, bub! I have things to make happen!”

Skills and Services

Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, Transformational Leadership Trainer, Holistic Wellness Coach, Cancer Warrior
Segments: Fortune 500, mid-market, start-up experience
Global GTM Business: Product Marketing, Enterprise Sales, Enterprise Channels (reseller, OEM, distribution, SI), Product Management; all Corporate Marketing disciplines; Cultural nuances
Languages: English, Italian, Spanish proficient, and NFL football
Tech: Strong understanding of cloud & infrastructure tech, and viable understanding of AI and modern technologies
Generational: Works with Gen Z, Millenial, Gen X and Baby Boomers


ICF Certified Coach (ACC)
CTI Certified Coach (CPCC)
Transformational Leadership Trainer Certified
Cornell Executive Women’s Leadership
Cornell Diversity Equity Inclusion
IIN-Certified Holistic Health Coach
ACE-Certified Fitness Trainer
BA, University of Miami & L’Università dell’Aquila, Italy

About The Lens Leadership

The Lens Leadership, founded in 2021 by former sales and product executive for multi-billion dollar tech companies, Alison Conigliaro-Hubbard, offers executive and transformational leadership coaching, and experiential training services to high-reaching individuals from all walks of life, as well as organizations.

Understanding the high-pressure and lightening-fast pace of the world we live in today, The Lens Leadership is committed to a world in which each unique individual is living and experiencing their lives to the fullest – with JOY, CONNECTION, and OWNERSHIP of their dreams! We support each unique client to live with a higher level of noticing and awareness about they way they play the game of life. This, in turn, exposes more possibilities for achieving expansive results!

Services include:
Customized leadership coaching
Experiential leadership workshops & programs for individuals & groups (ex: Take the Reins: Be the CEO of Your Life)
Motivational speaking engagements

Learn more about Alison Conigliaro-Hubbard

I have a very strong and connected energy, and bring a significant level of balance between real listening empathy, and helping someone achieve beyond their wildest imagination.
Veterans, Animals, Cancer Research; The 2024 Giving Campaign for The Lens Leadership honors the work of Team Rubicon, serving our communities
Traveling globally with my husband – Italy is a specialty; hiking in California, kayaking, live music, dancing in the kitchen, yoga/Pilates/TraceyAnderson, playing with my dog, reading
My mom, Laura Conigliaro: immensely successful and self-made in the traditional sense of the word (retired Goldman Sachs partner and board member), YET still maintains a humble approach to the world stemming from lower middle class Brooklyn childhood..