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Amy Spring

Owner / Agent

1140 NW 50th, Oklahoma City, OK, 73118

About Amy Spring

Health Advocate, Author, Wife and Mom

My experiences in life have guided me where I am today. I have been in the health insurance field for many years, but had never experienced any health event to cause myself or any family member to ever come close to reaching a deductible, much less an out-of-pocket maximum or out-of-network extra expenses. I was a cheerleader promoting health insurance, until I had several issues that were financially, physically and emotionally very stressful. Compassion comes from experience and those experiences taught me the shortcuts and tricks to navigating this crazy world of health care. Having the employer/insurer/broker and personal vantage points, I am able to look at scenarios from all angles.

Skills and Services

Registered Health Underwriter, Excel guru, Researcher and Advocate


BBA University of Oklahoma, numerous board leadership and committee positions and awards including CASA, Oklahoma City Beautiful and Children’s Hospital Foundation, Mayor of the Town of Lake Aluma

About CPC Insurance

I’m Amy and I am a benefits addict.

I support small to medium sized employers (especially in the non-profit sector) in designing employee benefits packages to help recruit and retain quality employees in a competitive marketplace. I love details! In addition to spreadsheets, I love promoting wellness and health advocacy.

As a breast cancer survior, I know what it is like to be paralyzed with daunting decisions, trying to decipher benefits and billings while trying to navigate a crazy health care system!

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The stability. Everyone will always need help in this industry. It is getting more complex by the day, and employers need a Benefits Professional like they need a CPA or attorney to decipher the changing regulations.
I joined a local family owned 100+ year old agency after leaving 15 years in the corporate health insurance world, hoping to more directly impact business owners with my research skills and industry knowledge. I am now the only woman partner!
I serve small to medium sized employers (10-100 employees) who want to provide a competitve benefits package supported by a very engaged and experienced team.
Analyzing current benefits packages quickly to assess what is and is not working and utilizing my resources to design the best fit for the employer’s needs.
Health Advocacy, Wellness, Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention
Do your best and don’t spend time worrying about what others think of you!
Women. The mother who gave birth to me and was brave enough to place me for adoption and the mother who raised me and was brave enough to add another child to a struggling family.
Never give up, never give in!

I don’t love social media, and am only on Linked-In. Putting all of this information about myself out here or posting things makes me uncomfortable! I prefer connecting in person or a hand-written note. I love, love, love coffee and iced-green tea!