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Evonne Barrier

Founder and CEO

305 Nathan Drive, Norman, OKLAHOMA, 73069

About Evonne Barrier

Founder, Gardener, Entrepreneur

Evonne Barrier has been working in the virtual assistant industry since 2018, and her prior experience includes more than 10 years in customer service, management, and business operations in multiple industries.

Evonne combined her passion for helping business owners care for their customers, her skill for developing and implementing processes, and her desire to improve the lives of other women into a virtual assistant agency that now serves clients across the United States.

Evonne geeks out about systems and processes and is always in pursuit of ways to streamline for better outcomes and a better customer experience. A natural connector of people and ideas, she strives to help others achieve the life they want both personally and professionally.

The idea of owning a business all started with a dream of traveling full time and wanting a business that could travel full time as well. Just two years after the first spark of that dream, Evonne and her husband sold their house and boug

Skills and Services

Virtual Assistant Placement
Project Management
Process and System Strategy
Marketing Coordinators

About Barrier Consulting

Customized, experienced virtual assistant support for your business

Barrier Consulting is a Virtual Assistant Agency based in Oklahoma. All of our virtual assistants are women based in the United States with professional backgrounds, building businesses in this industry. Our special sauce is helping you find the best fit for your needs through our boutique placement process.

Experience our boutique, customized placement process
Business growth is great, but sometimes it means you’re struggling to keep up with key business tasks or concerned about a decline in the customer experience. That often translates to long hours and sleepless nights for you as the business owner. If you’re concerned about maintaining a high-quality customer experience as your business grows, we can help.

We don’t just assign you a virtual assistant — we match you with the right VA for your business and guide you through the onboarding process for maximum results.

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Garderner, dog mom, wife, canning enthusiastic, serial entrepreneur.

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