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Mandi Briggs

Life + Business Coach

239 N Broadway, Edmond, OK, 73034

About Mandi Briggs

Founder + Coach

She is a life coach, speaker, author, and mindfulness practitioner whose coaching, workshops and retreats inspire women across the globe to live a bold, brave and authentic life.

Mandi lives a life of adventure, takes risks based on her intuition, and turns negative self-talk into love + gratitude on the regular.

After 13+ years in corporate America, she set off on a brave adventure to transform her own life. The adventure found her quitting her cushy 9-5 job and selling every possession she owned to travel solo around the world.

You can transform your life too! Your brave adventure will certainly take you down a different path, but it’s possible. Is it easy? No. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Skills and Services

Life Coach, Executive Coach, Business Strategist, Leadership Development, Vision + Goals, Communication


Bachelor of Arts, Journalism, Public Relations from OSU, Life Coach trained by Martha Beck,
Hundred Magazine Honoree – Issue 2, ionOklahoma’s Inaugural 30 Under 30 Honoree

About Simply Mandi Coaching

Life can be easy. Coaching helps.

Imagine your life 90 days from now. You could be totally unrecognizable. Through one-on-one coaching, Mandi helps women who feel stuck and overwhelmed arrive at a place of peace, clarity and purpose.

She equips you with mindfulness tools, offers research-based strategies, and provides ongoing accountability.

Over the course of her 12-week coaching program, you can expect to:
1. Discover the root of where you’re stuck
2. Unearth thoughts, habits + beliefs that currently drive your behavior
3. Dream about where you want to go + take intentional steps forward

You’ll leave each coaching session with personalized homework for continued growth.

In addition to 1:1 coaching, Mandi also offers group masterminds, workshops and retreats to help you experience confidence and clarity around the direction you’re heading.

Areas of expertise include: avoiding burnout, building the life/business of your dreams, navigating transition, unraveling your inner dialogue and honing your voice.

Learn more about Mandi Briggs

My therapist fired me and told me I was so self aware she couldn’t help me. She encouraged me to find a life coach to help me get from where I was to where I wanted to go. After working with a coach for 6 months, my life was unrecognizable and I knew I wanted other women to experience the peace and freedom that transition offers.
Quite simply, I help individuals navigate change. That could look like any number of scenarios, such as marriage or divorce, becoming a new parent or an empty nester, getting a promotion or changing careers, taking on new hobbies or volunteer opportunities, moving to a new town, and so much more. Coaching is really personal development. It can help you improve your self image, change your inner dialogue or negative self-talk, create new habits or break old patterns as you work toward the goal or change they seek. Change can often feel scary, but it doesn’t have to; it can also feel freeing, exciting or even energizing. As a life coach, I offer an independent perspective, ask questions and guide you to solutions that best serve you moving forward.
Helping clients recognize the thoughts that hold them back and reframe them to discover another truth is somewhat common in the coaching world. However, I use a specific coaching technique I learned during my training called The Work by Bryon Katie. During the process, clients access their own internal wisdom and quiet the white noise of other people’s opinions that often plays on repeat in their minds. Helping people decipher their own truth rather than what others tell them to do or think is important to me. This frees clients up to dream again, which is what I really love to do.
Traveling, especially internationally. It gets me outside my comfort zone and I’m always better for it.
You are going to do incredible things in this lifetime, sweet girl. Those opinions you think matter really don’t. Listen to your intuition, be brave and keep moving forward.
Loving others well starts with loving yourself well.

Brave is doing on the outside whatever your insides want to do.

Glennon Doyle