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Voice First World

9047 Glade Street #1906, Lenexa, Kansas, 66219

Jennifer Vellenga

Voice First World Speak With Presence.

About Voice First World

Your Voice is Powerful: Learn To Use It

Voice First World® is a communication and leadership training company that applies the acting techniques seen on stage and screen to workplace scenarios. We help individuals and teams tell stories and communicate confidently. Our clients learn how to speak up when needed, with words that are direct, and they know when it’s time to listen.

Jen V. served as a professor, stage director, and leader in higher education before launching Voice First World with JRT. Over the last 25 years, she has empowered Emmy® and Tony® Award-winning actors and writers to embrace their authentic selves and speak confidently.

JRT served as the Associate Vice President for a university foundation for 15 years. Throughout her career, she realized the importance of owning her seat at the table with effective communication, relationship building, and storytelling. Her leadership background propelled her to launch Voice First World with Jen V.

Our Mission

Speak with Presence
The leader’s guide to harnessing the power of effective communication

Products and Services

We provide leadership coaching through a communication lens and communication coaching through a leadership lens, depending on the client need.

At Voice First World, we help individuals communicate confidently in their positions of leadership. We believe in speaking with presence, without being perfect, to influence meaningful change in the world. We work from our Presence Paradigm™.

Our training outcomes include:
● Speaking with confidence and presence – in person and online
● Engaging authentically with clients and colleagues
● Articulating clearly while maintaining cultural authenticity
● Presenting professionally in the virtual environment
● Performing in leadership roles consistently, with presence and ease
● Crafting stories for impact and influence

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We motivate leaders looking to improve their skills, prepare for promotions or job interviews, craft powerful presentations and create engaging conversations.

Meet Jen V and JRT

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