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A Site Created by the Members Themselves

If you know anything about LeadHERboard, you know that we prioritize elevating women in, and owned, businesses.

Naturally, we sought out the website development and design experts in our directory when we decided it was time to build a professional, user-friendly website that could handle our growth.

Websites are no simple endeavor, at least not good ones.

They require strategy, time, money, energy, revisions, conversations, more revisions and upkeep.

Building the site that we have today took time, and lots of it. But, every second of that time was worth it. We’re proud of the final product. And it wouldn’t have been possible without the combined brilliance and creativity of the group of women who made it happen.

Without further ado, let us introduce to you the incredible women behind our LeadHERboard website.

Crystal Oakes

Owner of Oakes Creative House

Crystal owns a creative marketing and branding agency that we’ve worked with numerous times in the past. She and her team felt like the perfect fit when it came to creating a beautiful, strategic AND functional website that draws people to engage.

She touched just about every piece of this project from copy, to design, to functionality.

As a web designer and business owner, Crystal is kind, creative, driven and professional. She takes pride in her work and led her team in creating the site you see today.

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Sara Graybill

Owner of Graybill Creative

A site such as ours is complex and requires detailed coding to bring to life.

Sara partnered with Crystal as the tech expert to develop the intricate membership functionality and site details that make theleadherboard.com totally unique and easy to use.

Sara thrives on the technical “stuff.” She’s a seasoned troubleshooter and developer, and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner in this process. Our site is incredible!

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Evonne Barrier

Owner of Barrier Consulting

Another LeadHERboard member, Evonne Barrier worked on our site as a member of the Oakes Creative House team, a long-term client of hers. We love watching our members collaborate!

Throughout the process, Evonne kept us on task and organized. If only you could see how many pieces of the puzzle there were!

Evonne’s knowledge spans administrative tactics, systems integration, delegation and organization. We greatly appreciate her widespread expertise.

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Mandolin Skipworth

Copywriter at Oakes Creative House

Mandolin serves as the in-house copywriter at Oakes Creative House!

She worked closely with our FoundHER Shannon to write website copy in our voice that engaged readers. The words on a website are an incredibly important piece of its strategy and require more than writing catchy calls to action.

She had a hand in everything from page titles to the emails sent to directory members.

Shannon L. Rich

LeadHERboard Founder

Shannon founded LeadHERboard with the hopes of growing it into something that reached beyond Oklahoma.

And oh boy has it grown!

Before she knew it, LeadHERboard had outgrown its original site. So, Shannon put together the perfect team. She shared her dreams with the team and helped turn them into a reality, compiling photos, making edits, and chiming in when needed. It’s incredible that we now get to see her dream become a reality!

We are proud to introduce this site to you. Click around and let us know what you think!

Share it and our mission with your friends and coworkers. Let’s use our collective power to bring women to the directory and thereby empower women in and owned businesses.

Oh, and as always, reach out to any of the above women and ask them about their work. Then, tell them we sent you!

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