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Steph Essin


About Steph Essin

Founder, Tech Advocate, Musician and Unicycle Rider

As a seasoned technology content consultant, I specialize in developing effective content strategies that enhance digital presence and engagement. My expertise lies in crafting tailored solutions that resonate with tech-centric audiences, focusing on AI and multimedia content. I am creative, deeply empathetic and people focused.

Skills and Services

I offer a range of services including AI integration consultancy, video content creation and strategy, and writing. My skills encompass strategic planning, content management to maximize online engagement and brand visibility.


B.A. 2013 University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication (Journalism)
M.S. 2016 University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication (Multimedia)
Telly Award Winner 2019 – Outstanding educational video series on Virtual Reality User Design

About Essin Consulting, LLC

As a seasoned Technology Content Consultant, I specialize in developing strategic content solutions that enhance brand visibility and engagement in the tech industry. My expertise lies in crafting compelling narratives and multimedia content tailored for tech companies, startups, and business owners interested in AI integration. I offer a comprehensive suite of services including content creation, video strategy, and digital consulting, aimed at empowering businesses to leverage cutting-edge technologies effectively. Through my work, I aim to bridge the gap between complex tech solutions and their practical applications, ensuring that my clients stay at the forefront of innovation. My portfolio showcases a robust track record of successful projects and collaborations with notable entities in the technology sector including at companies like Intel and Palazzo.