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I’m Shannon Rich, a full-time CEO, a wanna-be professional golfer, and advocate for women. For more than 20 years, I’ve been fortunate to mentor and elevate women through all phases of their professional journey. After my daughter Mia came into my life, the concerns of what the world would look like for her in regards to the pay gap and real opportunity equality truly hit close to home.

Countless studies and decades of research show diversity in the workplace increases productivity, profitability and higher retention rates for all employees.

What if your company or organization has an opening and wanted to intentionally fill the position? How do you begin to find the most qualified applicants and be sure you’re giving women a fair space at the table?

When you need to know who is leading at a golf tournament you simply check the leaderboard. Why can’t finding the best family law attorney, OBGYN or filling the opening in your finance company be just as easy? Recognizing the challenge to seek or specifically recruit women for key positions LeadHERboard was born.

And today is the day our website goes LIVE. I’m excited to FINALLY be sharing my passion with you and would love for you to commit to learning with us and supporting the women in your life.

Would you celebrate with our team by nominating a woman who is a true leader in her discipline? It’s time to close the gap.

— Shannon L. Rich, FoundHER

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